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 Bikes have been a passion of mine since I was a child.

Getting my first 10 speed when I was ten and having the world I knew expand from just the neighborhood,  to the city, throughout the county and the state. Having grown up in Iowa, Ragbrai (Register's annual great bike ride across iowa) became a way to fuel that passion

I have rode across a lot of states on my self contained journeys

Then repairing. I had worked in bike shops in Iowa throughout my young adult life. From assembler to service manager my 15 years in the industry were rewarding. For a long time. I have dreamed of having a shop of my own and now that journey has begun .

My mission is to share my passion of cycling with you. I want to do whatever I can to eliminate the barriers that keep your from wanting to ride your bike everywhere. From finding you the right bike and gear, to advice on making the most of your own self contained trips.